About us

SIA „Ošukalns”

About us

OSUKALNS Ltd was founded on 15 July, 1993.

OSUKALNS Ltd was set up as a small forest exploitation company. During the existence of more than twenty years the company has been growing and developing new branches of business.
Now OSUKALNS Ltd is a multi branch business company. Wood processing, road building, mineral resource mining, real estate, thermal energy and electricity production, trucks’ spare part trade and reconstruction of truck trailers is the business we are doing these days.

Mr Aigars Nitiss, Mr. Ivars Dabolins and Mr. Aldis Buks are the founders and have been the owners of all OSUKALNS Ltd business since it was set up.
They administer the company professionally and successfully and are the board members of the company’s board. The three above mentioned men own the controlling stake of the company parts constituting OSUKALNS Ltd.

  • „OŠUKALNS" Ltd. was founded in 15th of July 1993.

  • „OŠUKALNS” Ltd. started as a forestry company. The company obtains around 100 000 m3 logs per year.

  • „OŠUKALNS” Ltd. founders and owners all the company's lifetime are Aigars Nitišs, Ivars Dāboliņš and Aldis Buks.

  • During mora than 23 years of existence „OŠUKALNS” Ltd. has become a multibranch company.

  • The main field of „OšUKALNS” Ltd. wood processing from 1995 is production of sauna materials from aspen and alder.

  • „OŠUKALNS” Ltd. started its business in real estate in 1996. The company manages more than 1 700 hectares forest land.

  • In 2000 „OŠUKALNS” Ltd. opens spare part store in Jekabpils.

  • In 2002 "OŠUKALNS" Ltd. expands the range of services and opens car and truck service.

  • In 2005 „OŠUKALNS” Ltd. opens spare part store
    in Aizkraukle

  • In 2007 „OŠUKALNS” Ltd. starts its business activities in road buidling

  • In the 7th of October 2011 the company opens a biomass-fired cogeneration power plant in Jekabpils.

  • In year 2015 „Ošukalns” Ltd. with the support of European Regional Development Fund made modernization of sawmill and wood processing department. Within the project several new equipment and a new sawmilling line were acquired.

  • On 23rd of september 2016 the company opened a new asphalt production plant at Salas county “Ievlejas”.