Quarry mining

Quarry mining

The company Jekabpils Dolomite Ltd.was set up in 2004.

The first to seasons we worked in the historical place of Jekabpils Dolomite Ltd. Now this territory is transfered to the town of Jekabpils. Historically the company was set up with the aim to run the dolomite quarry in Birzi with its two digging places – in Mikelani and Puteli. Since 2007 our company is located in Birzi in Sala’s territory, where we operate in the digging place of Mikelani.


Dolomite broken stones, clay.


We have been offering dolomite broken stones and clay for the road construction works since 2008. Materials obtained from our dolomite quarry have been used to fix the dam of Jekabpils town, in the forest road construction works, in the construction of separate sections of the motorway Jekabpils-Rezekne, etc.